Thinking of OC my 8150, what temps should I be looking for on my CPU?

I have never OC'ed a chip before but with everything I have been reading it seems relitivaley easy. My question is what kind of temps should I be shooting for on my CPU. I have a closed water cooling unit that I bought with it and it runs normally around 40c. Under a heavy load it will ramp up to 60-63c, do I need to get a better cooling system before I start messing with an OC job. Or am I ok to monkey around with it.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. Yes you need a better cooler they run hot when overclocked!
  2. That is a really good article, but that doesn't really give me a temp range to be looking for.
  3. are you using motherboard temps or internal cpu temps? Internal temp max is 60C according to AMD. And no those temps won't be the same, heat disspapates at 360 degrees, and the heatsink is only on one half.

    When you start to overclock, bump the CPU NB voltage to +0.015 to 0.030. This lowers the cpu voltage required by nearly .1v
  4. WoW OP you got ripped off on that closed loop water cooler you bought with your CPU are the fan even on cause 60c at stock clocks is atrocious and borderline on permanent CPU damage. What is the brand of CPU cooler you have and how is your case air flow ect ?
  5. the temps i am reading are from my fan controller with temp sensors on it. The CPU sensor is on the back side of the mother board is reading 40-43 just doing normal day to day stuff. but i just checked with the desktop widget (take it for what its worth) says anywhere from 19-22c.
  6. 19-23 seems about right for internal sensors. Might need a spot fan near the vrm heatspreader to help lower the motherboard temp. Shoud be closer to a 10-15 degree difference
  7. i just scavenged a fan out of my old computer. I put it in the top of the case, and i will probably get 2 140mm and put them up there to get more air out of the case. Will that make a big difference?
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