ASrock 990fx extreme4 Debug code 00?

my friend and i recently just built new computer and we got the parts in the other day. we built his computer it works great went to go do mine and the keep getting a debug code 00 on my motherboard i tried removing everything and placing everything back onto the motherboard just try booting with one stick of RAM. the computer does turn on the fans all running but the computer doesn't display anything. Also the disk drive is closing as soon as it opens

ASRock 990fx extreme4

AMD FX-8 Core Black Edition

Graphic Card:
MSI R7950 Twin Frozer

Ripjaws 8gb x2

Power Supply:
Seasonic M12II

Thank you,
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  1. Hi, Here's the CPU Spport List
    and check if the CPU requires a BIOS update.
  2. alexoiu said:
    Hi, Here's the CPU Spport List
    and check if the CPU requires a BIOS update.

    I know the cpu is supported for the motherboard. my friend built the same exact computer and his works fine.. and for me to do a bios update i need to have display correct?
  3. What CPU do you have?
    Can you find a sticker on the board/BIOS chip with P1... to check the board's BIOS version?
    And no, If the BIOS is older than the required one, the system would not POST.
  4. The CPU i have is AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1Ghz.

    The Bios is P1.80 -15A
  5. Then it is supported. If you start the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed, is the CPU fan spinning, and what's the debug code?
  6. The CPU fan still runs
    i still get the debug code 00
  7. I would uninstall the CPU and check the CPU socket for bent pins.
  8. i checked the cpu last night. im just thinking the motherboard itself is defected.
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    It might be. I would RMA it.
  10. yea im doing it now but i got to ship that to CA which is going to be 3 weeks until i get a new one back.... but i really appreciated the help.
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