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Ok, so I plan to upgrade to a new motherboarda here soon, my old one RMA'd so I have no choice. Problem is I have an OCz StealthXStream 700W PSU currently, but the power connector for the motherboard is a smaller size than an older 500W PSU I have and says mATX on it. If I buy an ATX board is this common enough connector to be supported or am I out of luck?

The mobo I have in mind is the AsRock 890GX Pro3 ATX AM3+. Do most boards use this connector now or do they use the original ATX size power connector?

NOTE!: It is NOT a StealthXStream 2, but a normal StealthXStream
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  1. You should provide details on the PSU connectors. Most are 20 + 4 pin mobos, but some are + 6 or even + 8. The PUS I have has pleanty of connectors for all these configurations of mobos and, I suspect that your PSU does too.
  2. um, well i assumed you would do your own research but ihas all those, and im only looking for if the power connector to the mobo is compatible...
  3. There are two power connectors to the mb

    a 20 + 4 with all new mb's using all 24 pins

    and a 4 +4 pin for the cpu power connector . Most boards use all 8 these days , but some just use 4 . Even if your board has an 8 pin socket it will still run with just a 4 pin plug inserted

    There is no such thing as a micro ATX power connector . They are the same size as ATX connectors
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    You will be be ok
    Your PSU has a 20+4 pin connector (can be used as 24 pin or 20 pin) and the mobo has a 24 pin plug, so no problem at all.
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  6. Thanks!
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