Is this safe?

Hello, My PSU recently died and ive had to switch back to my old 500w Coolermaster PSU until my new one arrives.

The problem with my 500w psu is that it only has 1 6pin connector and my 560 ti graphics card requires 2. I have a molex to 6pin adaptor i may be able to use to get the second 6pin cable but my question is will this be safe?, at least until i get my new psu.

Thanks in advance.

My Specs:

Graphics: Asus 560 Ti
HDD: 450gb Seagate
CPU: AMD Phenom 1055t x6
RAM: 4gb (2x2gb) Corsair 1333mhz
2x Case Fans
1x CPU Cooler
1x CD drive
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  1. yes, ideally you'd want them on seperate rails butas long as you have enough amps on the 12v line then you will be fine.
  2. Do you have an idea of the amount of amps i would need?
  3. there should be a reference sticker on the side of your PSU. Usually it will show you how many 12v rails you have and at what amps they are pulling. If your 12v rail pulls 30 or more amps your in good shape to us the same molex to 6-pin adapter on the same rail, if not try to use separate rails with the adapter and you should be fine.
  4. I had a quick look at the label on the psu and it looks like it have 2 12v rails each with 20 amps. :/
  5. you should be okay for the time being to split of one of the 12v rails... its not great but could be worse
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