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Homebuilt system has fried two mobos

My friend is having a homebuilt system built for him. Someone is building it for him in another city so I dont have all the details. The person building it for him has built the system twice and had it running for a couple hours each time and the motherboard fried each time. The system components are:
ASUS Crosshair V Formula AM3+ Motherboard
3.6 GHZ 8150 AMD FX CPU (Bulldozer)
8GB of G SKILL X Series DDR3 1866
Cougar SX-850 Power Supply
Samsung DVD-RW Drive
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. The first thing I'd suggest would be to get someone else to assemble it .

    My first guess at the problem would be that there is a motherboard stand off in the wrong place .
  2. That was the first suggestion that popped in my head too. Is theyre any compatibility issue with the components? I could suggest to him to have the parts shipped to where we live and either let me try or bring it in to a local shop. I'll mention the standoffs to him though. Thank you.
  3. assuming the RAM is 1.5 volt its compatible

    That would not damage the mb if it was not
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    also, have the power supply tested. One of my old builds had a bad power supply and was overvolting everything all the time which put too much strain on things. I was buying a new mobo every 6mo for nearly 2 years until it dawned on me that it could be the issue.

    To die so quickly though sounds like the person putting it together simply dosnt know what they are doing.
  5. I'll let him know all of this. Thank you for the help:)
  6. Yeah make sure it's being assembled with the proper spacing between the motherboard and the case. I almost found out the hard way for that one...
  7. He's learning the hard way too, but the computer store replaced the first one and now he has to sign a waiver saying the next one can't be returned. He's decided to go with an Antec 750w High Current Pro PSU instead of the Cougar.
  8. I think he has it working now with a Corsair PSU. Thank you for the replies:)
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  10. woot! hope it works out for you!
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