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I am running two monitors off my P8Z77V Pro. I would like to add more and run up to 4 monitors. I believe I have to add a GPU card but I am not clear on whether the on board graphics support will continue to drive the two monitors I have connected directly to the MoBo.

Will I have to buy enough GPU cards to support all 4 monitors, or will I still be able to support two monitors directly from the MoBo?
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  1. Not sure also, but you can add a graphics card that can support up to 6 monitors. For example:
  2. I followed up with ASUS support and they validated that when I put in a GPU for the additional monitors, it disables the Mobo graphics capabilities. This would mean I need enough GPUs to power all monitors (4 in my case). I will test this empirically, but they say yes... need all monitors to be run via GPUs. Oh well.
  3. Do you already have a graphics card? If not, both AMD and Nvidia make relatively inexpensive ones that can handle multiple displays, although you may need adapters depending on the connections of your monitors. What type of monitors are you using now? And what would you be adding to your system?
  4. I am not running a graphics card right now - the MoBo supports two monitors so I am using the D-Sub and the HDMI ports on the MoBo to run two 24 inch ASUS monitors. They have d-sub, hdmi and dvi ports. I would get two additional, identical monitors to build out to a 4 monitor system.

    Asus tells me I will need to support all 4 monitors from graphics cards... I have looked and there are a lot of good quality g-cards available to do this - I was just hoping that I could continue to use the mobo to support my existing two monitors.
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