My crt monitor screen turns pink?help me out

hi,my crt monitor screen turns pink?help me out
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  1. It came out of the closet probably.
  2. One of the Color Guns is playing up.
    Firstly check the Pins in the VGA cable that comes out of the monitor a connects to the PC if any are broken or bent, then you will just need a technician to replace the cable. Or if everything is okay with the pins, you need to take the Monitor to a Qualified Service Center and ask them to repair it.

    Could be a GPU issue but I doubt you're using a Addon card with the CRT. I guess it's most probably onboard so I can't say much about that since they usually just die, no color changing, it happens with older generation addon GPUs when some element on the card die that you might face a color change problem.
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