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Hello,how does the performance increase in cat6 cable more than cat5 ,when the same copper & four pair cables are used
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  1. Cat6 cable has much better protections against electromagnetic inteference and signal reflection/crosstalk. It really doesn't have to do with the number of pairs or materials used in the wire, but how well and how far the cable can transmit data without interference.
  2. Cat6 has more twists per inch than cat5. Cat 5 has more twists per inch than Cat3. This reduces attenuation and interference.
  3. Because of the more twists and better shielding, can6 is rated at 1gigabits per-seconds, at 100 meters in length. But if you shorten the length I think you can get up to like 10 gigabits per second (not that any one has a nic the can go that fast).
    And Cat5 is 100megabits per-second at 100 meter but you can get it up to 1 gig when shorten.
    So if you are running short distances, you really shouldn't notice a difference, between the two.
  4. Cat 5e and cat 6 both support speeds of up to 1gig but the length of run should not exceed 100m including patch leads.

    Were they differ is cat 5e is tested to 100mhz and cat 6 to 250 mhz so it can support a higher bandwidth.
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