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Rate My system, Please? :D

Hey guys, I dont actaully have the system yet but i should have all the parts together within the next week or so.

So the parts are as followed:

Core 2 Duo E6750 overclocked to 3.4 ghz

Thermletake Heatsink/Cooler - Not sure of the model

8 gb of 1333 mhz G.skill ripjaws Ram -

Gigabyte Ga-g41mt-s2p -

550w Thermeltake psu - Again not sure of the model

500gb Western Digital Sata Hard drive

Saphire Radeon HD 5770

I dont really want a rating out of 10 just a simple yeah thats decent or no thats sh*t :L

Thanks in advance
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More about rate system please
  1. how much are you paying for this? you are getting really old stuff thats pretty crappy by todays standards but should still give you a decent web surfing computer.

    the psu is also low quality.
  2. Only about £250 and please dont say its pretty crappy just because its old. With this processor and the card i can play Skyrim on ultra at about 40-50fps
  3. I'm not sure why you're buying such old technology.If it's price alone, you're being penny wise and pound foolish.
  4. For £250 its good but it will not play Skyrim on Ultra with that CPU or GPU it should on high though.
  5. simon12 said:
    For £250 its good but it will not play Skyrim on Ultra with that CPU or GPU it should on high though.

    As i said i have at about 40-50 fps
  6. I assume you play at a low resolution then, I thought it would be CPU limited even then but if it does play in on Ultra then it does.
  7. At the time i was playing it at 1440x900 which wouldnt really deem to be low, I thought skyrim was very gpu dependent and imo the 5770 is still a very good card
  8. I guess you added the gpu after I posted. Seems ok for that budget but you probably should have saved up like 100 more pounds and gotten something better.

    But I guess if you just want to play skyrim then its ok.
  9. Yeah i forgot to put the card in :L Well i tried Battlefield for a bit and it played ok on medium. Yh ideally i would want an i5 2500k rig but in reality i just dont have the money and as a first build im quite happy with this.
  10. I may get some more money through selling an old Pentium d Machine so what upgrades would you recommend. Any recommendations would be appreciated
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    I have a very similar set in my old machine. Chip is exactly the same, only real difference is mine has a gtx260 and ddr2(800) ram. The machine may be getting older but it still does very well. Last game I played on it before upgrading was SC2. It ran SC2 very smooth on high settings, only time it stuttered was in enormous battles with visually intensive units. It will start getting limited by new games but not to the point of not being able to play. If you aren't expecting top of the line performance for games then that machine will do you fine for a while. As for a web surfing machine, it will have years to come.
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  13. Just saw your post about possibly spending more... I'm assuming you are buying this machine from a friend? Are you considering getting more cash and building from new? Or getting more cash and maybe upgrading something on the machine you listed?
  14. well given that your whole system is lower end, upgrading any one part probably isn't worth it.

    Getting a new mobo and a better cpu would be the best option but you'd be spending a lot for that if you want a decent gain.
  15. The point is why you're buying a motherboard, cpu and memory for a dead platform when you could buy for the same price a H61 board, i3 CPU or pentium from this generation, memory and low end graphics?

    I didn't even know 775 runs DDR3. My last computer was that same CPU 6750 on X38 and i loved it because of some enterprise features, but this generation low end cpu is far better at same price.
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