Intel 2500k vs 2550k

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  1. Not really no
  2. thanks, ill stick with the 2500k then.

    Also, do you know if their is a better budget mobo than the Asus P8Z68-V LX? this is the updated model and comes as pcie 3.0 ready! Is there anything better in this kind of price range?
  3. Well i have always stuck with gigabyte but i can tell you that this is a good motherboard :)

    And glad i could help
  4. I'd say its worth it for only 8 pounds. The 2550k probably is binned better to get higher OC. It does lack an onboard gpu tho if you need it.
  5. No dont get the 2550k it comes with extra 0.1ghz and its more money and it comes with no onboard gpu.
  6. I Love my 2500k.
  7. asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3
    Gigabytre z68x-ud3
    Stay away from v-lx, evo, etc.
  8. Question!
    2500k is $330
    2550K is $340.
    BUT 2550k Combo'ed with a mobo discounts the cpu down to $320. Snag it?
  9. diddle283 said:

    the best in my way is 2500k go with it 2550k doesn't worth it the extra money. ;)
  10. its worth the extra money to me, esp because it's so little money difference. Because if you game you'll never use the onboard video. That may allow you to OC higher, maybe use less voltage from the CPU itself? I don't like to have extra stuff on my rig that I'll never use.
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