Asus radeon 6570 vs asus gt430 both ddr3 and 1gig.

so i bought the gt430 for my acer x3400g. psu 350(just ordered it) this is a small form factor. amd phenom ii x4 850 3.3ghz cpu(just ordered it). this is a small form computer so im very limited to what fits but i upgraded the psu from 220w to 350w to put a decent graphics card in. i think i made a mistake. i even asked the community what the best card was and they gave me that gt430 asus. but i read somewhere that the best slimline video card would be the radeon 6570. around the same price. did i make a big mistake. i would like to play some decent new games. like diablo 3 coming out. heres the one that im looking out now after i bought the gt430 asus. and heres the gt430 i bought which will be here today is there a huge difference? someone plz explain. i would like to run games on 1080 if i cant. cause i hook up my computer to a toshiba 40inch hdtv 1080p. i have no computer monitor. my tv is a monitor. i watch all my movies taht way and everything else through my toshiba. thank you for your time :)
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  1. ok yea so i wont beable to run 1080 im stupid for even saying that but i meant the regular resolution 1280x1024 i believe it is? anyways. yea. so its the 440 that its compared to so my gt430 isnt up to par even so i should pic up the 6570 you think?
  2. ok what is the best video card for my acer x3400g 350w psu, cause im starting to see way better cards than the one i f*ing picked out and bought. hella pissed right now. i typically like nvidia over ati but whatever. and its needs to be low height, low profile. cause its a slim pc. im looking on new egg and the clock on the asus gt430 i got was 700. i can do so much better. theres on thats 800. i should of researched damnit. i have no budget i want the best my computer can handle and that will last awhile its just gotta fit in this damn computer. plz help
  3. see for the same price i could of got this and its 2 gig of ram also.

    And look at the side for the 2 gpus, that way you can see comparision in diffrent games etc.
  5. Oh its a desktop... sry my bad :D.
  6. This one from MSI is $60 if you play the rebate game and win:
  7. Onus said:
    This one from MSI is $60 if you play the rebate game and win:

    yea what sucks about that is... the fan shroud is too big for my x16 slot space. cause my x16 is at the top with very little room. but theres a vent for air only.
  8. also. is there any benefit for having a onboard nvidia graphics and a dedicated nvidia graphics at the same time? but i think im gunna see what i can do with exchanging the nvidia gt430 for the radeon 6570 2 gig. i dont know how they work with exchanges even if i dont open it.
  9. With no budget, if you can fit a double-wide card, here's a HD6750 for $140: that comes with a low profile bracket.
    The PSU should be adequate for that, if it is really a 350W PSU. What brand and model is it?
  10. nope. i cant only fit low profile half height cards single slot. so im very limited. im sure the ones im looking at are the best i can get with this type of computer and my psu is a athena off newegg i could of got a 400w but thats overfill for this small form since i cant put a huge fast video card in it
  11. werner123 said:
    The 6770 will be fine but as long as you have the bare minimum installed like 1 hdd 1 optical drive your psu (if it's got a 6-pin pci-express power connector) will be fine but i will suggest something a little bigger. If you got a good quality PSU it'll do. The PSU you have listed is good enough for the cards i have recommended.

    i dont know why you said the 6770. again i cannot put that in this pc. but yes i will have to stick to the 6570 i guess. the best one to put in this small pc. thank you for everything... and btw.. if you were serious about the 6770, i said that because they dont make it in low profile like i have. thanks man. i appreciate the help and time. kuddos
  12. its ok bro. somebody can close this thread if they want. i should get some decent gamage outta the 2 gig 6570. thanks
  13. As someone with a 6570 (in a small form factor case -250w PSU) - yep you can game happily at 720p and even 1920x1200 on some games (Portal 2 for example). I love this card and mildly overclock it using the Catalyst software.
  14. awesome, i have the gt 430 and overclock it using the hyperdrive overclocking 3d mode which means it overclocks when it needs to. im have a small form factor acer with a 220w psu and its runs perfectly. i played crysis 2 in 1080p high no aa. dead rising 1080p high no aa, portal 2 but its stupid, fallout 2 1080p x4aa high, dirt 3 high no aa 1080, thw witcher 2 high 1080 no aa, deus ex human high 1080 no aa ALL PERFECTLY FINE NO HIC UPS. I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE SAY THIS IS A CRAPPY CARD. DECENT ALL AROUND FOR 65 BUCKS :) this card is perfect on my 40 inch toshiba 1080p led tv :) its pretty much my monitor as i dont not own a computer monitor atm. its power draw is around id say 50w max i think.
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