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Best sub $50 case?!

I'm looking for a good cheap case.
The requirements are:
good airflow, with some fans included and the ability to add more
room for a larger graphics card
sturdy design
and not a requirement but a preference: it should be tool less.

aesthetics don't really matter. It could be super ugly for all i care.
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  2. sells lots of good Rosewill brand gaming cases in your price range. Also look at the Cooler Master HAF 912, its about $10.00 over but has lots of good features.
  3. Quality case includes 2 included exhaust fans, USB 3.0 and Tool-less Design,
    Gpu Clearance Maximum – 230mm w/ hard drive, 330mm w/o hard drive.
    Real cable management.large cpu cut-out,3 mobo to drive drives.
    Option to add 5 more fans.
  4. rufus_22 said:

    I have this case with my back up great for the price.
  5. Haf 912 if possible.
  6. Yah , I'm stickin with the challenger
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  8. thanks guys, going for the challenger!
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