Please help which motherboard?

I cant decide which motherboard to get. ASrock Z77 Extreme4 or the Gigabyte Z77X UD3H.

Computer Specs:
i7 3770k
16gb of Corsair vengeance
Hyper 212 plus heatsink
Geforce gtx 680 Ftw
Asus dvd burner
Seagate Barracuda 1tb
Corsair TX650
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  2. I would choose the Gigabyte.
  3. What about MSI z77 mpower?
  4. The feedback from newegg is good:
    The review:

    but notice this: "Because of the issue with obtaining a BIOS that recognised our i7-3770K ES the testing of the MSI Z77 MPower was initially frustrating but most definitely worth the effort involved"
    Not sure about the issue, as MSI say that the CPU is supported .
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