Asus P8z68v problem. Black screen, no boot menu. d-ram error


I've gotten a problem with my rig and i figured its time to get some help. I built my rig about a year ago and never had any issues with it until now. It all started 2 days ago when the computer was on doing basically nothing. I woke up next day and when i got on the screens were black with only the mouse pointer visible. No commands worked so i restarted and got the message "select proper boot device and press any key" restarted a few times but didn't do much so went into bios to change the boot order. But once i was in bios my ssd didn't show up(windows on ssd) only my dvd drive and hdd did. Tried changing the order of the HDD and dvd, didn't do much. Next i turned off the system, unplugged. Switched the sata cables for the hdd and ssd. When starting up now i got an additional drive, but no description only the icon somehow. Set the "icon" as primary boot and saved. System restarted and then Nothing... Screens went black and still remains that way. After a while with no result switching the cables i started looking for a solution. Quickly found out that the corsair ssd got a history of just dieing so i thought this might be the problem. But today i noticed the vga led constantly glowing red, checked it up and tried fixing it by hitting the dram switch on the motherboard, the board did its thing but no result. Then tried removing one if the ram sticks and upon startup this time the vga led turned off and instead the dram led started glowing instead. I'm not sure what's going on and i dont want to continue searching without advise :/

Tldr: system crashed, ssd with windows on it not located in boot list, swiched sata cables, ssd located in boot list without description, changed it to primary, system restarted no video signal and vga glowing, removed a ram stick now the dram led is glowing

Mobo: asus P8z68v pro
Cpu: intel i5 2500k
Ram: corsair dominator 8gb dddr3
Gpu: 2x hd radeon 6950 2gb runnig xf
Hdd: wdc black 1tb
Ssd: corsair force 115gb
Psu: corsair hx 850w
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  1. Hi, Try starting the board with a minimum configuration: one RAM stick, one graphics card, DVD drive (insert a bootable DVD in it), keyboard and mouse. It might be a power issue.
  2. Okay, i did like you said but the problem persists. But the DRAM led stopped glowing, instead the VGA led has lit back up again. I've tried both ram sticks and gpu's. Any ideas?
  3. The board has onboard graphics. Remove the graphics cards and test with the onboard.
  4. Removed the card. Tried getting a signal on one of my 3 monitors just to make sure but no luck.
  5. Then try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord an remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). If still no go, then it might be a board or a CPU issue. Is the CPU fan spinning when starting the board?
  6. Still no go, dang.... : ( but yeah the cpu fan is spinning. I took a seccond look over the power cables forthe mobo and one of them didnt see to be plugged in all the way. Plugged it all in but didnt give me any other result. Gained a bit of false hope there....
  7. Motherboard... CPU.... Power supply? Hard to say.
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