HELP! memory decision issue!

Help im screwing....... spec im about to buy but need help with memory option,

spec...... Asus maximus extreme V motherboard

i7 3770k retail

corsair neutron gtx 240gb ssd

xfx black edition pro 1250w psu

Corsair H80i cooler

What i have to connect it to already

haf x case

2 x xfx black edition 7970's in crossfire

dvd drive, aerocool v12xt touch fan controller

peripherals etc etc.

My question/ dilemma is this...... Do i go for 16gb corsair dominator platinum 2133mhz 4x4 kit or 32gb corsair vengeance red or black 1866mhz memory......??????

I do know the old questions, do you do video editing, photo editiing, music production and sequencing?... the answer is yes not for professional anymore but i can juice the hell out of daw but not so much premiere or pinnacle avid etc. so i can but its not a must and ive been getting on fine with 16gb g-skill sniper 1600mhz memory as is...

I do game allot but not pro but have things like far cry 3, black ops 2, bf3 cod mw3, darksiders 1-2, hit-man absolution, sleeping dogs and so on. so whats going to be better for this rig as far as two options...... power/speed and status/aesthetics.

need definitive answers if its at all possible or a general consensus.......... buying very very soon!

Thanks for anyone who answers and helps!?!?! its doing my skull in :-S
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  1. Hard drives other than gtx 240gb ssd are corsair force 3 120gb ssd, wd CG 2tb hd, WD CB 640gb HD, seagate 1th HD.........win7 64bit
  2. Can anyone help???
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