Choosing which gtx590/6990 model to buy

hi my company is allowing me a free purchase of any graphics card currently out there to allow me to render faster.

although im pretty happy with current render times i decided to go for a gtx 590/6990 and keep it for my gaming PC ;) if its too powerful for my liking or too noisy ill just sell it on ebay ;)

anyways my current PSU (also bought off my company) is this Antec 1200W trupower PSU:

although i have been using a lower wattage PSU until now to avoid wasting energy.

here are my choices:
power coulor 6990:

Best value 6990:

sapphire 6990:

zotac gtx590:

asus gtx590:

gainward gtx 590:

gigabyte gtx 590:

remember i p-lan on SLIing two of these card, although i will definetely be selling the second card off straight off because i really dont need that kind of power!

my current setup:
i5-2500K (OCed to 4.8Ghz with arctic freezer pro 13 co cooler)
a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4 mobo
4gb 1600Mhz ram
an antec DF-30 case
windows 7 64bit
i think thats most of it!
oh and my current graphics card setup is SLI gts 450s (performance is ok i geuss but lacking in some games)

i am currently gaming on 2 1080p monitors but am likely to go to two 32" 1600p monitors (on the company too).

thanks looking foward to your advice!
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  1. first off i should mention that power supplies waste the least power when they are running at about 50% max load. above 50% is still pretty effecient. but under 25% they always do very bad.

    why game on two monitors? puts your crosshair/character split between screens. 3 is the way to go. and with that in mind the radeon is the way to go. need two nvidia cards to do triple monitor gaming. but i also perfer the 6990s performance to the 590.

    for which card is the best its really down to warranties and reviews for me. i would rather have zero problems than 1% more performance. and i really dont like spending 10 hours on the phone for an rma number.
  2. it would have to be beetween 2 1600 monitors or 3 1080p monitors which one would you choose? (32" 1600 x 2 vs 27" 1080p x 3)

    so what PSU should i be using?
  3. Last I checked all the 6990 cards so far have the exact same specs so that won't matter much. (I'm using a sapphire one)

    a 750W PSU SHOULD be enough but you might want to add another card in the future so I really don't see a reason to not use your 1200w o.o

    And imo, I would have gone for 3x 1080p instead of 2x 1600 :p just my opinion.
  4. Recommended specs for the 6990:

    750w for a single 6990.
    1000w for crossfire.
    1200w for crossfire for optimal performance.

    Can't wait to get my 6990 soon :)
  5. sop the general consensus is the 6990, ive heard that the 6990 is loud though any truth to that? (and apparantly runs hotter).

    [EDIT]: vs the gtx 590 that is.
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