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I5 2500k S Spec - could someone please explain?

Hello all,
I just received my i5 in the mail today and just before it arrived I found this:

I was reading about the chip and what makes these guys think it's okay to sell theirs at a premium price. It says that the i5's they sell are S Spec SR008 and they claim that is what makes their chip better. The CPU I received is also an SR008, are they all that same S Spec, or are there different S Spec's and I just got lucky?

A little insight would be great, google failed me when I looked it up.

Thanks again!!
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  1. its quite surprising how much a little photoshop can do.
  2. esrever said:
    its quite surprising how much a little photoshop can do.

    Are you saying the 'REDLINE' written on their CPU is what they think makes their CPU better, and there is no difference in S Spec's?
  3. Im pretty sure thats the case. Since theres nothing official from intel about any of that.

    well I do give them credit that they Pre OC the chips to confirm the OC headroom.
  4. Interesting and sort of sad. >.<
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    I believe the "S" is a stocking code used by Intel.
  6. The overclock is stored in the motherboard, not cpu.
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