I am new to the forum. I was hoping someone could help me. I am planning on upgrading the RAM on my computer but I'm not quite sure what is right for my motherboard. I have a screenshot of my setup. I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti Graphics Card.

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I was looking at Canada Computers because its near my house. I just dont know which to get. :pt1cable:

Thank you
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  1. it doesnt matter what brand you buy. Any DDR2 memory would work. If you are adding a stick, then you have to get ram with the same frequency and latency otherwise your motherboard will throttle the faster one.
  2. Any DDR 2 ram will suit you.

    That being said, DDR2 is going to be expensive and not particularly easy to find, because it's been replaced with DDR3.

    You have enough RAM for average tasks, so I'd just leave your computer as is till you can afford a new one (if you care) or just not bother if you don't want a full upgrade.
  3. Ok, Thanks for the response.
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