Mobo problem? driver problem? or power problem? FOR USB

So recently i was cleaning my computer and broke a capacitor on it, so i swapped motherboards with the one I had running for my home theater PC, the Gigabyte GA-EP43T-USB3. Since installing it, I have downloaded and installed the 4 drivers from the Gigabyte website for this mobo (

My USB's are having problems. It recognizes most things like USB Flash drives and my keyboard&mouse, and my roland a-500 pro music keyboard, but it will not detect my external hard drives. I have both a USB2 drive ( WD 750GB external, USB powered) and also a USB 3.0 external (Seagate 500GB USB powered). My mobo does however recognize an older external I have that us AC-plug powered (by wall), it is a USB 2 1TB drive. This leads me to think that my externals are not getting enough power via USB.

When I plug them both in, they spin up and remain on, lights on and everything, when I plug them in, windows does the USB plug beep sound, but it never says "installing driver". Only when I plug in the USB 3.0 external, it gives me a message saying "this device can perform faster", but neither show up in the device manager or in 'my computer'.

This mobo has all USB 3.0 ports and I have downloaded my mobos most recent drivers (including usb3) from the site i linked at the top.

Any suggestions? I would prefer not to have to buy a powered USB hub because they work on my laptop and worked on my old mobo, and I have a brand new 750W PSU in my PC. I have done troubleshooting myself and restored my bios/cmos to defaults and still no hope.
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  1. Try updating your bios. Also try using a different operating OS (like using a friend's hard drive).
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