Discounted Intel DZ77GA-70K or Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH? Overclocking?

I was planning on getting a gigabyte ga-g77x-up4 th, but then a friend said he could get me an intel motherboard for $30 cheaper than the gigabyte board. Should I get the intel board or the gigabyte? I do plan on overclocking.. and ive heard that intel motherboards suck for overclocking

Other things:
intel i7 3770k (also discount)
nvidia gtx 670 evga signature2
hyper 212 evo cpu fan
antec nine hundred two
g.skill sniper 1866 2x4gb ram

and if i get the intel one, ill save $30 + $10 i would have had to get for usb 2.0 ports cause the specific setup would have caused no usb 2 ports. yes i know they're backwards compatible but wake from sleep... i was afraid would be an issue.
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    neither. get an asrock extreme4:

    high end boards have little to no return and you basically pay a lot more money for things you will never use. you probably wont find a better value than an extreme4
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