New AsRock Extreme6 existing Win7 Partition Problem. HELP!

I just purchased a new AsRock Extreme6 and have an existing Windows 7 partition on a Samsung 830 256GB SSD. I want to get it to boot into my old version of Win 7 without starting from scratch. How do I do this? When I select the Samsung 830 as my boot device it gives me the message:

"Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem...."

the error code is: 0xc0000225

everything I've tried so far doesn't seem to work.

I installed a installation disc (I dont have my original) to a flash drive and that booted up fine, but when I run the system repair it doesn't seem to do anything. Also the install disc doesn't seem to detect that I have windows 7 installed on my SSD. Is there a way to get it to detect this so I can get my system running again?

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  1. typically what i would do in this situation is boot up parted magic [linux] and copy the important files to another hard drive or flash drive or copy everything and do a fresh install of windows. windows is very resilient to any changes and even if you can get it to boot certain things probably wont work properly. a change in mobo typically always requires a fresh install of windows
  2. i have another suggestion, make another parttion on your ssd [if you have enough to install windows] then just copy everything over [assuming windows will let you that] i pretty much exclusively use linux to get any files back, windows has too many problems with hardware changes and other OSes
  3. ugh. I would prefer not to do that. I am going to keep trying things. A reformat just isn't something I can do right now
  4. I guess I'll reformat. It just sucks because I did this not even 2 months ago >_<
  5. i do computer repair, i have gotten to the point on my own machine were the only things i have on my boot drive are drivers, everything else in on my mechanical drive. i am at a point were i can format, reinstall, drivers, etc in less than 2 hours. on other computers i use parted magic to back everything up on a spare drive then reformat. i have installed windows a crazy amount of times in the past 2 years
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