Cheap HDMI Cable VS VGA

Would it be worth me buying this cable off ebay
or should i just stick with vga?

would i notice a difference?
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  1. What monitor are you using?

    You wouldn't really notice any difference unless you were running at high resolutions that VGA doesn't support.
  2. Well right now, im stuck using my older lg tv that's 720p only.
  3. In that case you wouldn't notice a boost in display quality, but you would however (supposing your GPU has a HDMI output) get both your video signal and an audio signal going to the TV using the same cable so you could use the TV speakers.
  4. It wouldn't be clearer or anything though? Right now it look's kind of blurry and hard to read smaller words.
  5. It could possibly be slightly clearer since it is a digital signal as opposed to an analog one. But that is probably due the the lower refresh rate and resolution of the screen than anything.
  6. I'll give it a go, it's only 3$ what's the worst that could happen. Thank's for the info!
  7. It really makes no difference if you buy a cheap HDMI cable or an expensive HDMI cable when it comes to short runs. HDMI is digital, so it will either work or won't. The only thing with a cheap cable is it might fall apart, but I highly doubt it.

    VGA is analog, so you could have interference or degradation of the signal. I sorta doubt this is happening, but you never know.

    For $5 I'd take the chance and see if it improves your picture quality.
  8. Good luck!
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