Best Upgrade for $350..????

So, I just got a $350 gift card code for and I can't figure out wtf to buy with it??

Here's my current system..what do you guys think is the best upgrade; I'm willing to pay tax on the $350, but no more.

NXZT Lexa S Case (120mm front, 120mm back, 120mm side, 140mm X 2 top)
Asus Sabertooth 990FX AM3+
AMD Phenom II Six Core 1055t (4.02Ghz - 287x14)
Noctua D-14 HSF (140mm and 120mm, AS5 paste) note: This is a Great cooler, but it does not allow for tall mem modules; only low pro..
4Gb A.Data 2000mhz (2x2Gb, running around 1600mhz, 7-8-7-21)
60Gb Vertex SSD
640Gb WD Caviar Black
1.5Tb WD Caviar Black
Two 2TB WD Caviar Green
6950 MSI Power Ed. Twin Frozr III (Unlocked to 1536 Shaders - 880/1350)
NXZT 850w PSU (80Plus Gold)
Two 23' Monitors (1080p) and a 46' TV (1080p 120Hz)
Klipsh THX 2.1 on the PC and an elaborate 5.1 on the TV
Turtle Beach Headphones..
...Other peripherals etc.etc.etc....I got the extra misc crap that I need/want already.

I was thinking about maybe a 240Gb Vertex 3, a 6970 and then selling my unlocked 6950 (for higher clocks when OC'd), maybe an H80 and a 16gb ram kit..

Anyway, I have no idea but it's burning a whole in my virtual pocket... please help
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  1. another stick of 4gb ram. and a 6970
  2. You're system seems fine. I would recommend you upgrade your PC when Haswell comes out in 2013 (I know long wait).

    CM Storm Trooper. Your NZXT will run out of space someday.

    Since RAM is so cheap these days, I don't see why not. Go for this. RAM speed won't affect your performance that much.

    Don't upgrade your CPU cooler, it's perfectly fine.

    Why upgrade a perfectly good 6950? You won't get any gains if you already unlocked the 6950.
  3. get another 6970 for crossfire and more ram
  4. I can run BF3 at Ultra settings butter smooth (aka, my system is already pretty darn fast) and I'd really like more SSD space for unziping .rars on after downloads, installing multiple OS's (gonna install Unbuntu 11, the disk to disk transfers are WAY faster and it doesn't get the "Cannot rename/move/copy bc the file is in use" that W7 gets) and put ALL of my programs on.

    That being said.. I purchased the 240Gb Vertex 3 and got it shipped overnight for $348 and change :D

    Thank you all for your advice.
  5. Follow up....

    This was a GREAT purchase. I'm getting 550 reads and 500 writes :D

    My WEI is


    And it's BLAZING fast !!!!
  6. up your hyper transport bus on your cpu will probably make your ram 7.9
  7. My HT is already at 2287.7Mhz. I'm getting almost 16Gbs of bandwidth from my system ram; which for a Phenom II memory controller is pretty darn good. I think Windows just takes of points bc it's not enough RAM. I just put in 8Gb kit for a client of mine (1600Mhz 9-10-9-27, Corsair Vengeance) and I believe she is pulling a 7.9; so anyway, I think windows 7 looks at the amount as well as the bandwidth and latency.

    I'm hoping Piledriver or some future AM3+ compatible CPU will be a good performance boost down the road. I know the Intel stuff is currently faster and AMD is really the blue collar worker right now, but many times at least AMD provides a viable upgrade path without having to change out your motherboard; which is nice.
  8. I have 4 gb at 7.9. ddr3 1333mhz at 1400 with 7-7-7-21 with hyper transport at 2600. I don't think windows cares about how much there is as long as its high speed.
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