2600k stock temps

i finished building my first pc a few months ago but still didnt finalize it just put in my video card and added some more fans so i ran some tests again

i dont know if will ever overlock but i assume down the line i will

i have a coolermaster 212 evo

so firstly when people talk about there idel temps do they mean temps while in windows and nothing is really doing anything or do you they mean in bios before windows loads

well if its in windows i goes anywhere from 30-45c it seems with it just sitting doing nothing

so i ran prime95 for about 18 hours and that maxes it out at 64-66c during that 18 hours room temp was anywhere from 71-78 f

then today i ran ibt ran that at max 8 threads 10 passes max was 68c with room temps being around 75-77 f

both ran with no errors

does this seem like good temps? for running stock? and do you think my cooler is sitting good?

besides the cpu fan i have 2 140mm fans on top for exhaust one in the back for exhaust and 2 front intake
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  1. Those are good temps, nothing to worry.
  2. Temps are fine
  3. Temps look good although at idle 30-45 is quite a big difference.

    I'm going to presume something was running in the back ground in order for the temps to jump to 45. In my experience my idle temps are within a few degrees of each other. between 28-31 degree's across all 4 cores.

    Even so, your temps are well within the expected range so nothing to worry about :)
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