Help Me Out With First Network! (Wireless or not!)

Okay. Hello there everyone. This is my first post here so be nice! I check about here often, so I knew when things got tough, this would be the right place to turn!

Anyway, my dad recently bought himself a new laptop, a Dell Inspiron 6000. Included, he decided to buy the Dell Wireless 2350 Broadband router.

The plan was:

1) Plug in wireless router to existing computer (via ethernet), that has a broadband connection.
2) Use the broadband connection from the computer to be transmitted through the wireless router, so that the laptop can get interenet access.

A few more details:

Main computer is a Dell Dimension 8100.

Connected to the computer is a SpeedTouch 330 broadband modem. Line comes into modem from wall, then out to the computer VIA USB (I gather this is what is making it difficut, not being ethernet and all. The user guide states that 'THIS ROUTER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH USB MODEMS'. That may be true, but there must be a way to share the broadband internet signal from the 8100 with the router. I think I'm looking for a guide to set up an access point...)

He (as in I) tried desperately to get everything to work. But alas, my attempts were in vain. Looking for the solution internet just got me more confused, since so there are so many problesm out there! ^_^

Anyway, your help with this matter is much appreciated! Please, can someone give me a step by step guide for help on how to set up EVERYTHING properly, and an explanation of what goes where?!?

Remember, the aim is to in the end, get broadband to both computers, hopefully just using the hardware we already have!

Many thanks beforehand for the help!
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  1. You just would not use the routing functionality of the 2350. Right click on the internet connection on the host computer and click share to setup ICS. That machine will be the host. Always needs to be on and needs to have a second network interface, and ethernet card. So out from that card via Cat5 to a link on the 2350 LAN side, not the WAN port. You'll omit the WAN port completely. You also need to disable DHCP on the 2350 as well. You are basically turning that device into a switch and Access Point, no router. From there just follow the instructions on setting up the wireless clients. Encryption, filtering, changing the SSID etc.. on the AP. and any applicable changes on the client accordingly.

    The best advice is to ditch the USB modem and get your provider to provide a modem with an ethernet interface.
  2. Have you checked to see if your USB modem also has the option for Ethernet? I'd ask your provider to give you an ethernet one. It would make things a lot easier.

    At that point you'd just hook the broadband into the wireless router and run a cable from the router to your PC. You would basically be done.

    Get rid of the USB modem. Sometime, they have the option of using a cable with them though. The techs just do USB because most of the time it's easier and they don't need to installa NIC in the PC.

  3. Thanks for the help.

    Okay, I believe that I have set up ICS.

    Now, when you say... second network interface... what does this mean exactly? And I have the standard ethernet port on my computer.. so is that okay?

    This is in reference to you line 'always needs to be on and needs to have a second network interface, and ethernet card.'

    Okay. I have 5 ports on the back. One is labeled 'Internet', the other four labeled LAN 1-4. I presume you mean place the ethernet cable from my ethernet port at the back of the computer, to LAN 1 on the 2350.

    I've got that far! ^_^

    So.. can you point me in the correct direction to disable DHCP?

    (I think maybe getting an ethernet modem is probably a better idea... but I'll gonna stick with it!)
  4. You need to know the IP address of the router, probably when you turn on a computer that's connected to the router (not to the modem)it should pick up an IP address. 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x are the 2 most likely IPs. The Router will be 192.168.1/0.1.

    Login will probably be "admin" with no password.

    You'll get a Webpage looking interface where you'll need to find DHCP and probably just pick a radial to select Disable/Off.

    Then set up your computers to use ICS.

    You're using the Router as a basic switch at this point, aside from the added benefits of the router but it's kind of useless at this point on your network.

    So plug both your Computers into Lan 1-4, the Internet one would be where the Modem would plug into had it been ethernet and not USB'd into your computer.
  5. There's nothing to setup for your clients to connect via ICS. They'll be DHCP clients and pick up an IP from whatever DHCP is available first on the network. Read the manual as to how to disable DHCP on the router though you got the idea probably from the other reply post.
  6. Okay. Maybe I'm doing this wrong..

    Basically, I clicked a few buttons earlier about using the Netweork Connection Wizard. Went through the steps.

    Now I have on my netweork connection page 5 items:

    1) Dial Up: Bt Openworld. USB etc.. Conncected, Shared, Firewalled.

    2)1394 Connection (Enabled, Bridged)

    3)1394 Connection 2 (Enabled, Bridged)

    4)Local Area Network (Enabled, Bridged)

    5)Network Bridge, Network Bridge. (Enabled, Mac Bridge Miniport) THIS HAS THE IP ADDRESS I BELIEVE!

    (Should the actual name of the 2350 be turning up anywhere else on my computer?)

    But anyway, I digress. Typing this IP straight into the bar at the top produces nothing... no webpage type layout.

    What have/haven't I enabled that's causing this problem?

    And what do you mean by 'Plug both computers in'? I have plugged my main computer into LAN 1, leaving INTERNET free.

    The laptop is supposed to be connecting wirelessly...
  7. Break your bridges. You don't need anything bridged at all. ICS will do the IP translation and forwarding. The 2350 is not relevant. You are only going to use the switch and perhaps the Ap on that device.
  8. Hmm... breaking as we speak...

    I can't break the Network Bridge however...

    And still can't access the IP.

    Many thanks with your help!
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