Is this PSU overkill for my system?

Hello, i am ordering my pc from a site called dino-pc and they only allow you to have either a 500w Xigmatek or a 650w Corsair TX V2. I would rather get the Corsair but i dont know if it will be overkill for my rig. This is my rig -
i5 2500k
Amd Radeon HD 6950
8gb 1333mhz ram
500gb hdd

If anyone knows please relpy! :)
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  1. 500w is enough for 6950 build. But 650w isn't really "over-kill". The system will only draw what power it needs anyway.

    Id probably recommend go with the Corsair PSU. While its a little more wattage than is necessary, it's the better unit of the two options.

    The Ximagtek actually got a fairly good score from JonnyGuru - depending on the price difference, if the Ximagtek is considerably cheaper, I wouldn't say no to it:
  2. Okay the 500w Xigmagtek is £40 cheaper i will probably go with that then. Thanks for your answer :)
  3. You need to be careful about model numbers if you're going to get a 500W Xigmatek. Although the Xigmatek NRPC501 got decent marks (8.5) from JG, the NRPC502 didn't fare nearly as well (7). and they haven't done a review of the NRP-VC503. The only 500W model they make that I would touch is the now discontinued NRPC501 that is made by the OEM mfr CWT (Channel Well Technologies).

    This site has a great little database on PSUs: OEM mfrs, reviews, stats, etc. when shopping osme of the lower tier mfrs you really need to know how to find the hidden gems...
  4. Okay, the site im ordering from only says its a xigmatek. So would i be safer just going with the 650w Corsair TX V2?
  5. yes 500w will do the job
  6. Are there any other sites that you can make this purchase from?, ..... The dino-pc site is really limited and slightly overpriced.

    Edit: The Xigmatek from Dino PC is in their Value Class line....the model is NRP-VC503. Review http://****/wp/2011/07/01/xigmatek-no-rules-power-nrp-vc503-500w/ It wouldn't even provide the advertised wattage...there's a reason that this PSU is 40 less than the Corsair. At that site I would go for the Corsair enthusiast....there are less expensive recommendations that I would put forward from other sites. Like the XFX Core 550W for 50
  7. Really? I thought the site was really cheap? I can make a pc with i5 2500k, 8gb ram, Amd 6950 500gb hdd all for £780. I will try scan and see how much the same comes out on there :)
  8. I just went on scan and the exact same rig is £970. :L
  9. xlewis98 said:
    Really? I thought the site was really cheap? I can make a pc with i5 2500k, 8gb ram, Amd 6950 500gb hdd all for £780. I will try scan and see how much the same comes out on there :)

    Maybe assembled it is cheaper...Is anything stopping you from buying the PSU at a different site? Are you wanting to have it assembled, tested and delivered to you or are you assembling it yourself?
  10. Yes i want them to assemble and test it as i am not confident in doing it myself:) And i could do that but they don't give you the option to not have a PSU. And i have no idea how to install one.
  11. In that case I would go for the Corsair Enthusiast 650W that they sale. Great PSU...more than you really need but they best option for your situation among the PSUs that are available on that site.

    Edit: You can always ask them if they have the 550W Corsair Enthusiast to try and save a little money.
  12. Okay thanks for your help and time.:)
    • OEM is Solytech (a.k.a. Allied, Apex, Deer, L&C, Supercase)
    • Can’t deliver 500W
    • Low quality capacitors
    • Ripple on 3.3v rail too high
    • Exploded during testing

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