Which graphic card suits my humble setup


I have this PC where i feel the need to upgrade the PSU and the Graphics card. The PSU i think will be a Corsair (500w +), but on the graphics part i don't know what my CPU would work the best with.

CPU: Amd Athlon II X4 630 Processor (4 CPUs) - 2,8 Ghz
8 GB DDR2 Ram
AMD 780G Chipset
The motherboard supports PCI Express 2.0 x16 and X1
OS is Windows 7 64-bit

Will it be overkill to put a 6870 in this machine along with a nice PSU, or should i just accept that the current 4650 is as good as it gets?

I hope i asked the best possible way, i am new to Toms Hardware.
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  1. I don't think it'd be overkill, would be a nice setup. (6870)
  2. Depends what you are using the system for.. if you are gaming then a single 6970 would be fine if you can afford it.. No reason for a 6990.. price point to high and your processor would be holding it back. even a 6950 would be good for 90% of games on a decent sized monitor maxed out settings.

    But then again if you aren't playing games that require a high frame rate.. like a newer first person shooter then you can probably hobble along with your current 4650 for a while longer and save up money for your next system! Then again you can always ebay your old 4650 to help offset the price of a 6970/6950 (would recommend the 6900 series over the 6800 every time even with the high prices.. much better return on investment IMHO)
  3. hd 6870 is a great card.... corsair cx 500 is enough for this...
    what is ur gpu or gfx card budget? hd 4650 is not a good .
  4. Thanks for the replies. My current GPU is the 4650, which i understandbly want to get rid of. My budget is around 200 euros / 275 USD - . The cheapest 6870 i could find where i live is around 162 euros / 223 usd.

    What i understand is i could go all the way up to a 6950 and use it fully with my setup?
  5. did u have a good psu? if not then u also need to buy that then ?is this budget is full with psu and gpu.. or only gpu?
  6. Thats the budget for the GPU. I have not purchased the PSU, i will do that when i purchase the GFX card :o) And i am thinking a Corsair, because i hear they are quality (and frankly not that more expensive than the cheap ones)
  7. then go for a better card than 6870 go as much as u can go with ur budget..
  8. The problem is the 6950 is over budget - is it worth the wait for someone like me? I want to upgrade my graphics card so i can start playing some of the games on my steam list - Metro 2033, GTA IV on fairly high resolutions and medium-high textures, but i dont feel a need to max all out and run infinite fames per second if you know what i mean; any upgrade from my 4650 will result in quite the improvement.
  9. for games like this hd 6870 is more than enough to run on a led 22 scrn .............
    no game still in the market ........ i think u should go for hd 6870......... u can play on a enough fps with this.....................
  10. Alright, thanks for the replies guys :-)
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