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Well This is/was literally the first time I've built a PC, so I was bound to mess up somewhere, And I've been reading the Motherboard I've purchased may not be compatible with the Processor I purchased like I have Originally thought It was.

I purchased A Gigabyte GA-970A DS3 AM3+

And An AMD FX-8350

As A novice I read it supported the FX series and assumed it worked, I don't think it was that dumb of a mistake...
But Now I've been reading it doesn't support it or I may need to "flash the BIOS" to get it to work.

But usually where ever I read that I need to flash the BIOS that information seems to be quite old so I was wondering If maybe the MOBO has support for this processor right out of the box now? If not do I have to flash it? I have no Idea how to flash the BIOS would I have to buy a compatible processor just so It could boot up so I can flash the BIOS?

Unfortunately I already ordered all my parts so If it doesn't work that would be quite frustrating...
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  1. That mobo supports the FX-8350, yes it could have already the bios updated by this time of year or getting the mobo with the rev 3.0 which doesn't need any update, you have to ask on amazon.
  2. I Guess I'll just wait until my parts arrive to see if it works. Hopefully it does out of the box. I'm just not sure what to do If it doesn't because I won't have a way of getting it to boot.
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