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So today I turned on my system and did some stuff, then I decided to download coretemp and sko I uninstalled some of those default asus programs like ai suite and pcprobe II cuz I dont use them. Then I plugged my external hdd into my pc and it just connected and disconnected constantly. Then when I turned it off and back on again the gpu started raming the fan up and down realy loud and quiet (5770). I could hear the post beep but there wasnt anything on the monitor, prob cuz of the gpu and its crazy fan or whatever it was doing. Now I cant turn it on cuz nothings om the mpnitor, help!
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  1. I had a similar problem with an asus motherboard, the POST lcd was showing CMOS error, turns out I needed to press F1 to load defaults and the graphics came back...

    good luck, hope it works!
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    Can you be specific about what you uninstalled? The AI Suit and Probe are not required but what else did you eliminate. You might try reinstalling the chip set drivers. If it is an Intel system you can get the latest from the Intel site or the ASUS site as well.
  3. I just uninstalled probe and ai suite, thats it. I have ahd problems in the past when I boot up every once in a while there will be nothing on the monitor, also this happens when I reciver feom sleep mode sometimes
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