What is the difference between multi processor and dual core

Hello, i want fix answer of the above questions
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  1. Multi just means "more than one".
    Dual means "two".

    So a dual-core CPU has 2 CPU cores, no more, no less.

    A multi-core CPU has 2+, you can buy CPU's with 2/3/4/6/8 cores these days I believe so it really depends specifically on which multi-core CPU your comparing to which dual-core CPU.


    And if this is a homework question - write it IN YOUR OWN WORDS ;-)
  2. Straight answer is

    Multi CPU is more than one processor package installed onto your motherboard. This usually only found in high-end workstation and server systems.

    Dual/Quad/Hex/Octa core is 2/4/6/8 processors built into a single processor package.
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