GA-M68MT-S2 not detecting Graphics Card

Hi, my friend decided he wanted to upgrade his computer without doing very much research so we've come to an impass. He bought a new Geforce 650 Ti graphics card and is trying to install it onto his GA-M68MT-S2 motherboard, but the computer will not see it as a device. We've checked the power and the watts, amps, and volts are all in correct order as far was we're concerned, and the fan is running so we know thats not the issue.

What we're looking at now is maybe the BIOS needs an update. Right now its version FB of the 3.1 revision board, but it has an update to FC. It doesn't say that it fixes any problems, or what it exactally helps but we're not sure if the BIOS is the problem.

Can anyone give us a next step toward our goal?

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  1. your vga can not be recognized in post or windows?
    better to update bios to the latest version firstly, FC is reported as AGESA code update that means there is more new CPUs supported.
    Probably the problem is due to no bios update to your cpu.
  2. It has an old graphics card and an onboard graphics. It didn't recognize the new graphics card at all in the Device manager, and when we put the old graphics card back in, it stopped seeing the onboard graphics in the device manager! We'll try updating the BIOS today, but I don't think that is the problem :S
  3. don't forget to plug additional power to the card.
  4. We have done that as well

    UPDATE: Installed the latest BIOS update version FC and it works like a charm. Never knew that a BIOS update would keep the computer from even seeing the gpu. Hope this helps anyone else with this problem!
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