Asus p8p67 power down

I recently updated my p8p67 bios to 3602. The MB is rev1.xx B3. I'm not sure if this was the right bios now ?

Now i cant go into sleep mode and the pc wont power off after shutdown. It comes up with "no keyboard detected" on boot up despite a cordless MS usb keyboard present. And hitting the reset button takes ages to have any effect and from memory only powers it off.

ASUS wont help me other than suggest clear cmos

I'm not the greatest computer techno mind so would appreciate any help, I've turned off auto pll voltage as suggested in some forums but to no avail
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  1. anyone ?
  2. Hi, I haven't tested the method, but from users feedback, it solves this kind of issues:
  3. ok thanks, i'll look at it
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