I just finished a new build first one

asus rampage IV extreme motherboard

Intel i7 3930k processor

gtx 570 gpu

g-skill z four channel 1600mhz ram

my CPU is maid to run a 3.2 GHz but it's running at 1.2ghz around 106.0 x 12 = 1.2 GHz if i extract a large winrar file. or any other program it runs about the same with a spike every now and then to 3.8ghz . i can get it to run at 3.2 to 3.8ghz when i run prime95. i have not tried any OC. but have browsed through the bios a few times. just in case i changed something i set the bios back to optimized defaults.. should i be running at a steady 3.2ghz . water cooled all temp's good cpu temp around 20'c or 68'f
sorry for spelling doing this in a 10 min work break..lol
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  1. thats speed step in action, run cinebench and you should see it run at 3.2, cinebench stresses all cores equally, so it should run at full stock settings for the whole render
  2. so it staying at 1.2ghz is normal
  3. Its just a power saving feature. you can disable it in the BIOS if you like.
  4. will disabling it in the bios help the performance at all?. and would you recommend disabling it. Ty for the info
  5. Turning off speedstepping or running Windows in high-performance power mode will not do any good. Running your CPU constantly at 3.2 GHz is a waste of energy when your PC is idle or running light programs. By default, your CPU will automatically adjust the clock speeds depending on activity. It will run @ 1.2 GHz during idle and the full 3.2 GHz when running PC games like Battlefield 3.
  6. thanks all great help.
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