Building a diablo 3 system... For cheap hopefully.

What would be the best CPU, GPU, mobo combo for diablo 3? I want to run it on high settings with no lag or fps drop. Thanks!

Would like a good CPU like sandybridge or a phenom x4 so I don't need to upgrade for a while, willing to spend 500 to 600 total
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  1. Fill out the new build form in the new build section.

    You have not supplied enough information like what parts you already have, what resolution your monitor is, where you live, etc.
  2. I live in Boston so I have access to microcenter and online

    I have nothing and I will build around your recommendations.

    Would like to keep the CPU GPU and MOBO around 400 or less total
  3. Don't need specifics, just what series GeForce or radeon and which CPU would be best. I can find deals
  4. asrock z68 extreme3 gen3
    i5 2500k with an aftermarket cooler

    or cheaper

    i5 2400 (no aftermarket cooler needed since it is not unlocked and you probably won't be overclocking)

    Mixing old tech with new tech is a bad idea and we can't really help you unless you fill out the form
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