Why do my motherboards keep dying?

Hi everyone, I have a question for all of you, Ive tried running this over in my head as much as I can but im at a loss, here's whats happening. I bought a new rig in jun 2012, got an msi board for it, everything's good in the world, get the new board out of the box hook everything up, and straight away pci-e 1 is not working. I figured this for a fluke and rma'ed the board. Got another mobo of the same model, exact same issue. At this point I decided to go with asus instead, after I got the asus board, everything was good to go. fast forward to October. I started having some issues with front port audio, so since one of my gfx cards died and I had just bought a computer from a friend I decided to send the mobo out for rma service to deal with the issue. I get the board back and it no longer posts. Get another board from asus, same deal. Get a third board from asus, it works, except pci-e 2 doesn't work. I ask asus for a replacement model and send my board back. In the mean time I decided to just buy another motherboard from msi, which I got today. I unbox it hook it up AND PCIE SLOT 1 DOESNT WORK. this is a completely different model of board from msi, months later. I guess my question is, what am I doing wrong if anything? can you guys think of anything that might cause this besides just sheer bad luck? I should also mention that I have verified this in/out of my case, out of it by placing it on a piece of plain cardboard and I have also tried multiple gpus in this machine to make sure it wasnt a bad gpu with the same result.

right now im using
16 gigs (4x4) gskills ram, verified to work in another machine
6970 and 6950 HIS radeon cards
xfx 1000 watt psu (I also have another 1000 watt psu that ive plugged in to test as well)
thermaltake level 10 case

any help would be appreciated, I dont have a clue what could be causing this
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  1. I should add my mobo models

    new msi board is MSI Z77A-GD65

    asus board is ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3

    and first msi board was MSI Z68A-GD55
  2. not that it would cause the problem but why are you running a kw powersupply when you should be running a 500-600w psu with that rig. you would need about 3 6970s and a heavy overclock to even start to justify it. i dont want to point the finger at you but your the common element here most other stuff has be swapped out are you taking the right precautions when installing your stuff. not being to rough, grounding yourself on your case and avoiding static etc, maybe the psu is bad and slowly killing your stuff there is no point testing another psu after the damage is done. i dunno, food for thought.
  3. My psu wattage is so high because my old 750 psu didn't output enough power to support my crossfire configuration, and when I bought my newest board I got a brand new xfx 1000 watt psu to replace the one I had and the old psu hasen't even touched the new mobo. I've lost count of the number of machines I have built and I certainly know enough not to be rough with my parts
  4. I have built 10+ PC's over the years, 3x Asus mobo's, 7x Gigabyte, and never a problem. Maybe you are jinxed. Try a ready-built Dell? ;-) hehe
  5. I think I would rather go without a computer than use their overpriced underpowered garbage
  6. I know this is an old thread but how old is your house wiring ?
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