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Problems with Video Card (GT520)

I recently shipped my computer down to myself when I moved away for school. Upon arrival, the computer booted into Windows with major screen tearing and blue-screened immediately thereafter. After I opened it up and looked around, it ceased to post, with the VGA LED on. I figured it was a video card problem, so I purchased a quick replacement card to try to see if I could get my system to work. The system is as follows:

i7 950 @ stock speed
6GB of Corsair DDR3-1333 RAM
ASUS Sabertooth X58 MB
(was a Radeon 6870, replaced with)
Geforce GT520
Samsung PX2370 if it is at all relevant to the problem

When I installed the new video card, everything booted up fine, and the system seemed to be running well, except the display was confined to the middle of the screen (ie inch-wide margins on all sides of the display). At this point, I decided to try to install Nvidia drivers, stupidly not thinking to remove the ATI drivers already on the system. After installing the Nvidia drivers, the system would hang shortly after log-in, and completely freeze a few seconds later, forcing me to restart. Also, some of the boots the display would simply cut out. I booted into safe mode and tried a sys-restore to before I installed the Nvidia drivers, and things went back to normal. I uninstalled the ATI drivers, and tried installing the Nvidia drivers again, this time from their website rather than from the disc provided with the video card. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same, and the system continued to hang shortly after logging in to Windows.

Any advice or ideas as to what may be going on would be appreciated.
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    Start the PC in safe mode, uninstall all GPU drivers , meaning, programs and drivers from ATI and Nvidia. Use Driver-sweeper for remnants of any of them.
    Then reboot the system, but before you do that check if the new card is properly seated in the PCIe slot. Make sure all Power Connectors are properly on.

    Then install the latest drivers for the 520 from the Nvidia Site, make sure it's not the Beta Driver.

    Check to see if problem still occurs. Even if it doesn't download a Temp Utility to make sure the GPU is running at normal temps and not way above the usual at idle and load.
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