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Should i SLI Zotac 570 amp edition or dedicate a cheap card for physx

Im currently running a single Zotac GTX 570 and every once in a while i get a slight lag (nothing under 35 fps) on bfbc2. I run on average 70+ fps.

you can see the stutter one time on this vid i posted on youtube. So im wondering should i just buy a cheap card and dedicate it to physx or would i be better off sli'ing another 570. Obviously at 70fps im over the limit of 60fps but id just like it to run smoother and with bfbc3 comming out id like it to run like warm butter on big mean warm bread. So dollar wise Im thinking physx card but I have never did physx and have no idea of how much of a performance boost ill get and if it will smooth out the occational stutter. Also could it be my cpu? I do notice that one of my core's max out here and there when it stutters. Not sure if its bottle necking or if its purely a gpu issue.

Specs are
990fxa gd80 mobo
ph ii 965 3.4 mhz
8gigs of ram
zotac gtx 570 amp edition.
coolermaster haf912
zalhman 850 dual heatpipe psu
wd bc 320 gig HD 7200 rpm 32 cache
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  1. What 60Fps Limit? I hope by that you didn't mean the monitors 60Hz Refresh rate.
    Cos they have no connection what so ever......
    If you SLI it with a new card you see a real increase in performance FPS wise, the moment you dedicate the second card to Physx, you'll see a drop in the FPS, but it'll take on all the Physx calculations and make it a lot more prettier to the eye, if you're playing at high resolutions.
  2. If you have a spare nvidia card lying around, try the dedicated physics and see how that goes. If not, you could go on the cheap with something like this:

    If that doesn't bode well, then I'd go for the 2nd 570.

    If your trying to stay on the cheap, I'd recommend trying a cheap card and going from there. I agree with alyoshka, you will see a drop in fps with the physics card as I have read that to be the case in more than one instance.

    I'd personally like to know what route you take and the results you get. Post back and update...
  3. Why would you use a dedicated PhysX card? BF:BC2 doesn't support GPU acceleration.

    Any chance its a heat or voltage problem? Don't have time to watch the video, does it happen when your trying to load something? Perhaps you need a new hdd?
  4. I have a 460 and I get a smooth 55-60.
  5. Let rephrase what I said. I get78 fps on average in bfbc2 thee is just a few times during the day that I get some hesitation . Just not sure where it stems from. The card is a amazing but like with any card a little help never hurts. I'm gonna go with a cheap card for now and see what it does ill post back with results.
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    Again, why? BF:BC2 is NOT a GPU accelerated title. Adding another card will only make your power usage go up. Won't do squat for frame rates.
  7. Hmm didn't know bfbc2 didn't support graphics acceleration. Probably just gonna sli the card. thanks guys.
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