CM 690 II VS Antec P280 VS Fractal Design Define R3

Hello everyone,
I know it's not a very fair comparison, but I dont know what would be the best for me since I am going with a pretty hot build and want silence...
My specs are: intel i5 2500K
Scythe Mugen 3
Gigabyte GA-P67X-UD3-B3
2X Gigabyte GTX560 Ti Ultra Durable
Antec High Current 750w
What case would be better considering I am going to overclock the CPU to 4.0 GHz and maybe the graphics cards in the future?
I dont really care about the price (but in the range of the cases that I think about)
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  1. R3 has both features,low noise and high doubt go with offence to others :)
  2. No doubt, but from the reviews i have seen the Antec P280 has more space...
    Also, wouldnt the system be too hot in the case? remember,its two GTX560Ti
  3. Well i can tell you for sure the CM690II is not a silent case i have one.
    Not in the same category as the other cases you're considering(which have sound reduction panels.)
    Antec P280 - 3 included fans and lots of space. = free shipping!
    Biggest complaint with Fractal cases is the included fans are underpowered.
    Antec been at this game the longest and the P280 shows it.
    Ability to add 4 more 120mm fans = 2 front intakes and two hdd cage mounts.
  4. davcon, I have read this - review but I dont know if the temps which the Antec P280 shows are good and if there are better cases for my need.
    Henestly I dont really know what I want, the only thing I know is that it has to handle the GPU's very well and be pretty silent...
    So what slient Mid tower for SLI would you guys advice me?
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