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Long beep, lenghty POST, laggy display

Hey guys!
My 6850 has been performing beautifully for months, but over the past week I've been getting a problem where the computer will occasionally boot with a long, loud beep coming from the internal speaker, then a lengthy 3-5 min POST sequence, then a lenghty boot into Windows 7 that takes about 1 minute longer than it should, and then, once I'm in my OS, virtually all display elements are laggy.

I don't get this problem on some boots-- it's very unpredictable, but probabilites have increased with time. Taking apart the case and re-fitting the GPU occasionally solves the problem, but nudging the card itself EVER so slightly causes it again. One time, in the midst of re-fitting it, I got it to boot again and again properly, but once I finalized the processed and screwed the fastening screws into the case, it gave me the same problem.

I've only had this card for six months, there should be no reason why it would crap out on me this soon. Any ideas on what could be the problem?
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    Sounds more like a loose contact with the PCIe slot.
    From the little troubleshooting that you have already done, it seems that the slot you're using on the Mobo is having a problem with connecting to the GPU.
    My suggestion, if you have another PCIe Slot free on the Mobo, use that one. and try it again.
    Also check if any of the RAM modules have come loose, that could be another problem with regard to the Beep errors.....
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