How can I block the Internet in an effective way leaving MSN working?

Hello guys,

I need to block the Internet and leave the MSN working on a Windows XP computer in a small business network. Our router doesn't provide anything that could effectively do it.

I have tried blocking the Internet Explorer through content advisor.... They just bring a flash drive with firefox/chrome/opera portable and use the Internet. I have tried to block these applications but there are too many to keep track of.

I know I can totally block the Internet giving the computer a blind DNS or just change the gateway but I gotta leave MSN working. I thought about a proxy but we don't have a spare computer to serve this purpose.

Any ideas? I really appreciate it. Sadly we can't find employees who respect our company rules and we gotta do it.
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  1. What router do you have?

    On mine I can disable port 80 for everyone or a certain range of IPs.
  2. We use an older speedstream router which can block websites and services but not by IP/Mac and we can't change this router because it's provided by our ISP.
  3. how about putting a router after the speedsteam?

    DSL >> SpeedStream >> router >> network

    just make sure the LAN IPs of the Speedstream and the router are NOT the same
  4. Is it just one computer you are trying to block internet?
    I bet you can get a firewall program to do it for you. Just use windows built in firewall, and block outbound traffic port 80.
    I do like Emerald idea of just adding a second router. You can get a cheap on for like 50-70. and that will mostly likely give you better security as well.
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