Asrock H61M-DGS doubt

I have planned to buy an Asrock H61M-DGS mobo, and put an Intel i3-2120. I have two questions:
1: Will the i3-2120 bottleneck a GTX560?
2: A good 1333 mhz 8 GB RAM?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry if I didn't explain it well, i'm from Venezuela and I'm in process of learning english
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  1. personally, i'm more comfortable if im using 3.5ghz and up, 560 ti (you mean ti right?)
    is a good mid range card, a 2120 might be a bit slow, might be.

    also, get a 1600mhz ram, rams are cheap nowadays
  2. Intel i3 series aren't compatible with 1600 MHz RAM, it'll set 1333 MHz as default. It's GTX560, take a look: :)
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