Need Motherboard LGA1366

Hey There!

I've recently been forced to send my motherboard to repair due malfunction with a new set of RAM blocks i've bought.

Unfortunally my CPU is a LGA 1366 type and getting a new motherboard have prooved diffecult to me. Thus I come here in need of help.

I don't require alot from the motherboard apart for a few things:

-Suited for gaming.
-LGA 1366 Socket.
-Cable of running DDR3 Dual Channel with 1866MHz (These)
- Price range lies between 200 Euro and 266 Euro (a bit over is fine aswell)
-It must be available to get it from Denmark (i.e buying it else where is fine but it MUST be able to ship to denmark)

Otherwise I'm pretty much open. I'm going to be running this setup:

-Corsair 750W Power Suply.
-i7 bloomfield (3.2Ghz Quad-Core)
-Corsair H100 Hydro Water cooling
-16GB RAM with 1866MHz (4x4GB)
-Nvidia GeForce GTX680 Gigabyte WindForce
-2x150 RAPTOR Disks (10k RPM)
-3 to 4 other Random HDD's
-HAF X Full Tower

Any help is appreciated alot!
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  1. ASUS P6X58D Premium
  2. Well, talk about odd luck :) It's the Premium version of my old motherboard ^^

    ran with the P6X58D-E version :)
  3. I don't know for sure, just googlec best 1366 motherboards. It looked good... good luck...
  4. mh, done quiet a bit of searching before posting, I'd really have liked the Sabertooth x58 but it's impossible to get anymore
  5. That was a classic. Did you try ebay?
  6. I though I had, but apparently not well enough, there's acutally a few for sale there, might just grab one of those!
  7. Now that I've created the threat and we've gotten onto the Sabertooth x58 mobo, I might aswell ask, I've found a Sabertooth x58 to a rather cheap price, but there is no accesories and what not.

    I've got alot of cables and etc, both from my current installation but also from older onces, my biggest concern is wether or not I'm gonna need the screws / baseplate things secruring the mobo to the case, or will I be able to use the onces from my old mobo?
  8. Generally not since you will be replacing your old Mobo. Use the stuff from that. Even if it doesn't come with a backplate just put it in the case and don't worry about the openings. Make sure to test it immediately after receiving it to make sure it's functional. Usually only 30 day return policy on ebay.
  9. Ah, all right, I guess one thing mobo's actually have in common are the screws that you need to for it to fit into the casing ^^ I'll be waiting for the refund from the shop of my RMA and will prop post pics of the new motherboard once it's installed :) thanks alot for the help!
  10. Another question regarding the Sabertooth x58 :)

    I've peeked abit around then a issue popped to my mind, there's something about voltage difference from USA and then Europe standard thing,

    is from the USA and I wondered wether I would fry the motherboard connecting it here in Denmark?
  11. I just ordered this one:
    Intel quality and only $100 US!

    See if this works for you!
  12. If your power supply supports your voltage and is of high quality it will work fine with any motherboard. ATX standards define what the voltage requirements are on the MB so your power supply provider will convert your house power voltage to the proper ones on the ATX power connectors.

    Spooky, that looks pretty good for the price!
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