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I just put a computer together for a friend and whenever i start the computer with the cpu 4 pin plugged in it will powers on and promptly shuts off. If i unplug the cpu power, it will stay on. What could be causing this? im fairly certain the psu is fine, as it was working fine before and all my standoffs are put over holes in the mobo.

saphhire 1gb 7850
i3 2100
asrock z75 pro 3
600w psu rosewill stallion
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  1. Sounds like it is running into a short somewhere around the CPU and shutting down as a result, check all your connections and make sure there is no CPU or socket damage, or excess thermal paste.
  2. Yeah, I had the same problem, whenever I would plug in any ram in the first two ram slots (a1 and a2) the pc wouldnt start , and would constantly restart in an endless loop. It turns out the problem was that the back plate of my CPU cooler was somehow shorting it, so I insulated it with some electrical tape, and then it worked fine.
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