Video card heat question.

I purchased a EVGA model#- EVGA 012-P3-1577-KR
I had temperatures that were running to high on this video card with a couple of my fav games so i decided to get a cooler model#- ZALMAN VF3000F(GTX580/570)

My temperatures dropped drastically from 43idle down to 28idle and 97full load down to 60full load.
This heat sink was not made for my video card so I was forced to cut most of the metal off of the heat sink.

I'm a little concerned about my video card ram sink not touching the ram like the new heatink intended. I do not have a heatsink on them. The original heatsink for my Vid card did no have any direct contact with any ram on the video card. I have two fans including the side panel fan blowing air onto the video card. I did put brand new arctic silver five thermal paste on the gpu as directed.
There is no odd stickers on the video card or the heatsink. During heavy game play with some of the most demanding games my video ram usage dose not exceed more than 50% of its maximum available video ram (GPUZ).

I am not overclocking my video card nor do I intend to so.
My video card fans are plugged into the mobo and they spin at 3200rpms full speed at all times.

I did smell something odd like hot plastic but I'm hoping it was just new metal and thermal paste getting warm for the first time.

Now here is the question ----- Should I at all be concerned about my video card ram getting too hot?
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  1. some of these cards come with a plastic film on the face of the card to protect the logos and whatnot.

    as far as the other question..... it may cause problems. ram gets hot and if you can't pull the heat out it could cause erratic behavior or destroy a ram chip. Another thing to consider is the back end of the card. that gets hot too. If the original heat sink covered it and the new one doesn't you can get erratic behavior.
  2. The original heatsink only came in direct contact with the the full top of the graphics card processor. The origanal heatink did not touch any part of the card except the screw holes and the graphics card processor. The metal was very cheap and there was no copper on it at all. every game ran at a good at a temperature except the following games on max settings. Crysis 1, Crysis 2, Wticher 2, Bad company 2, Just Cause 2, and Shogun 2. There a at least 10 other high end modern games that ran at great temperatures other than these games on the original heatsink.
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