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Why is it that Intel chipset motherboards are getting on-board video now? I mean, I get why some people would want it, but why not make motherboards without it aswell? They make X79 boards that don't have onboard video but they're expensive as hell because they come featured with 100 other things like 4 PCI-Express. They made P67 boards but they are coming more and more uncommon and thus becoming expensive. I have no need for onboard video. I want to instead use the extra space from the lack of VGA/DVI connectors for more USB 2.0/3.0 connections. Are there any Z77 motherboards that perhaps don't have any VGA/DVI connections? The motherboard would be used for gaming so obviously I wouldn't use onboard graphics. I've got a limitted budget as I'm trying to upgrade from AMD Athlon to a 2500k/3570k.
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  1. Onboard video is wonderful just for doing a breadboard test; I won't buy any board without it if the price is about the same. It's good backup.
    This was the only board I could find. If you want more, you need to write intel; they design the chipsets that are required for their cpus. They are just trying to please the majority that use onboard video at least ocassionally.
  2. I agree with o1die, I like to have the support for the IGP (Integrated Graphics on Processor) on the board for the simply that it really helps in troubleshooting. The Intel® DZ77SL-50K does support the IGP in that it has a HDMI port. There were a number of Z68 boards that were made without support for IGP. Gigabyte did a number of these boards but they don't seem to have carried this over into the "7" series boards and none of the Z68 boards listed on are without this feature.
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