Phenom 1045T or Core i3 2100

Hello guys im thinking of changing my platform to intel so i was wondering if the Core i3 2100 will perform better than my Phenom 1045T. Im using my pc for gaming, office, hd movies. I saw few benchs at anand - 1055T vs C I3 2100 and it was around 15-20 fps increase in games. I have still not decided what board to use for the i3.
Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB 3 is my mb at the moment.
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  1. yeah i3 perform good and the motherboard which i like asrock z68 extreme3.
    thats one cheaper and faster in performance.
  2. since you are thinking of changing your platform, as much as the i3 2100 is a good budget chip, it really wouldn't hold up against your 1045T*. an i5 2300 would give you a slight increase.

    not to throw out the i3 option; the 2120 would give a closer performance for a reasonable price difference and at significant lower power than the 1045T or i5. if you are able to put an i3 on a z68 chipset and add a ssd for caching, you will most likely enjoy the results.

    * edit - that is incorrect, my bad:,3120-3.html

    the i3 2100 holds its own on that and the preceding pages . . .
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