Integrated graphics still getting hot after disabled

i bought a new graphics card. so im not using the onboard one. i went into bios and put pcie as the default primary. and in device manager disabled the geforce 9200 under display adapters. so only my gt430 should be working. but for some wierd reason the thing is on fire! like hotter than it ran when i was just using this. something must be wrong somebody help. i just want my gt430 handleing everything
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  1. to clarify, its my integrated graphics thats burning up and hott. not my new gt430. why is the integrated still working and running hot as ever?
  2. I have been having the same issue.

    I disabled the Integrated 9200 and its still idling at 70+ Degree's Celsius.

    Sounds like you have the exact same comp i have...Acer AX3400g?

    The Heat sink for this Small form factor PC's Integrated GPU is right next to the PCIe x16 and a x1.

    If i take the case off the dGPU's Idle temp goes from 41 Degree's to 35.

    The Opposite happens for the Disabled 9200.

    The 9200 goes from 70 case closed to 85 Case Open.

    I'm sure this is from lack of flow over the iGPU's Sink.

    I'm also sure that its Core Temp its reading as its always higher than the Card temp.

    If the card was 85 the core would probably rupture.

    I plan to fix this later with ATX case...these Mini wanna-be Laptops are irritating.

    However for a few months I'm stuck with this thing.

    So i would like to keep the iGPU off for real or at least below the dGPU in terms of Temp.

    Would a Chipset Heatsink and fan be usefull in this situation?
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