Whats the thing at the top of the case?


I see a lot of these monitors at the top:

No not the screen/monitor, but the thing thats at the top of the case. What is that for and what is it called?

Does it monitor the cpu and video card?
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  1. more than likely its a touch screen fan controller, because physical dials are too hard to turn
  2. Ya, my hands get to cramped when I turn the dials. And they are always slippery from the lube I use. lol. Touch screen FTW.
  3. That's a matrix orbital. It's a bay insert that plugs to USB. You can program it to display temperatures, fan speeds, also news tickers, weather, etc... Pretty advanced stuff. The new one is 2 bay touch screen graphics like you see in the picture.
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  5. You're right. A matrix orbital would be way cooler though.
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