How much would you pay for this PC?

I'm not really sure if this is the correct place to ask, so I apologize if its not. However I was just wondering how much would you think you would pay or think this computer is worth. I'm talking about my home-built computer. If suppose I were to put it on ebay or sell it too a neighbor, how much would you pay? Here are the specifications and items I would include in with it. I doubt it would be a lot, but still worth asking:

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 D0
GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 460 768MB (stock)
RAM: OCZ Platinum 6GB Triple channel (3x2GB)| Timing=7-7-7-XX (<that number i think is 20 something).| 1600Mhz Frequency
MB: Asus P6T
PSU: Corsair 850TX
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
HSF: Cooler Master V8
SSD: Intel 80GB X25-M G2
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB

Any ideas how much do you think you would pay? I just have no idea where to start if I were to argue out a deal with a friend or something.
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  1. I'd try $400-$500. The GPU is kind of subpar so it won't sell as a great gaming PC, you could try marketing it as an awesome workstation (which the 920 actually is).
  2. Well I'm not that big of a gamer. For me its a workstation. Thanks for the reply also :)
  3. If it includes a fresh windows install (or at least the disc to do a fresh install) I would say it would be worth at least $700, but e-bay would likely go for about $500ish. It is still a good system. I am getting ready to get rid of my C2Duo system in a similar fashion and am hoping for $2-300 to help pay for my recent upgrade. It is all a matter of finding the right buyer.

    Also, never sell a person you know a computer unless you intend to support it for the next 15+ years lol
  4. does it have a legit windows with it?

    if it dosnt it will be a big downside as you will only be able to sell it to another gamer / high end user who knows how to install windows / drivers.

    it would be worth much more if already installed with windows and ready to plug in and use.

    yeah around 500-600 with legit windows.

    its a little overpowered for a home pc (SSD & GPU) but would be a good starting point for someone on a tight budget to get into PC gaming.
  5. Here's my Rule of Thumb formula (Example $2000 Build):

    Day 1 - Take your build cost and then subtract 10% ($1,800 at a day old)

    Up to 6 months - 5% for each month of age ($1,300 at 6 months)

    After 6 months - then 10% for every 6 months thereafter.....

    12 months - $1,100
    18 months - $900
    24 months - $700
    30 months - $500
    36 months - $300
  6. I would take the SSD out and sell it for 5-600. You can probably get more for selling the SSD separate than with the computer.
  7. make a virtual build wiht new parts to equilivent power of your old system.

    what ever the cost to build it new you will have to subtract 30-40% because yours is 2nd hand.
  8. Interesting, more than I expected. I built this system at the very end of 2009...around thanksgiving. So its almost two years old now.

    CaedenV/hugostiglitz: I don't want to include windows with it. I already thought of some of my friends I'll probably sell it to, but they are technical and will do with it whatever they want...they have their own windows/linux/ or other OS's they'll use for it.

    Also, I do know them, but I'll be sure to make them understand that I'm not going to babysit my phone waiting for them to call and ask me for help in taking care of it. So far after two years, I haven't had a single hitch with it, I've treated it very nice, and its virtually dust free (due to my house being mostly hardwood and my air is filtered exceptionally).

    So if we start a debate session on a starting price, do you think $500 would be a good starting asking price?

    Also, thanks for the all the helpful replies!
  9. I would start at $600... You have some quality parts in there that hold their value pretty well, but as we all know, being used decreases value a lot as well.

    Start at $600 and don't take no less than $450 (you'll want to get at least $550 for it).
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