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Ok. Computer I'm using now is getting pretty old.
Asus A8n-32SLi Deluxe
Opteron 175 @2.9Ghz
Zalman CNPS 700-cu
eVGA 7800gtx 256MB
Ocz DDR500 Gold XTC 2GB
x2 36.7GB Raptors Raid 0
x2 1TB drives
Lite-on DVD/RW

Looking to get a new motherboard, proc and Ram. Gonna reuse everything else. I'm not a gamer anymore so integrated graphics or reusing the 7800gtx is ok. Gonna get a SSD to replace the raptors if and when the money becomes available. Primaraly do video editing and encoding. Was thinking about getting the Intel Celeron G530 Sandy Bridge, G.SKill Ripjaws x series. Not sure on the motherboard because I want to be able to upgrade to Ivy Bridge, but not sure if there are any compatable with it. Just getting the Celeron untill I can upgrade to an i5 ivy bridge. Looking for about 100-130 for the motherboard.
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  1. ivy is not far away, and you will be more satisfied if you get a 7 series chipset board that supports ivy by default, and doesnt need an upgrade, you can wait it out since you have been with youer current set up so long

    but on a real, you never considered upgrading before now?
  2. Considered? Yes. All the kids are out of daycare now and in school. Much more money to throw around. :)
  3. k, i think they said ivy comes in april, not long to wait

    was going to suggest an amd a series build, but even those have a refresh coming sometime soon
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    why wait? the H6x, P67and Z68 will support ivy bridge when/if the manufacturers upgrade the bios. check with them to see which boards will have a bios upgrade.

    with the z68 board you can dump the raptors and use an ssd to cache for one the platters you have. the sandy bridge pentiums or celerons do not have an igpu. if your doing video encoding, it would be wise to look at an i3 2100 for intel quick sync or the 2125 with HD 3000 graphics for much better video playback than the 7800gtx would support. (if i remember correctly it is the 8xxx or above that supports Nvidia's "pure video")

    btw, the x79 chipset will not be ivy bridge compatible, it is for the sandy bridge-e socket 2011, both sandy and ivy bridge are 1155 sockets. what you will be cutting yourself short on is the ivy bridge will support pci-e 3.0. though since you do not seem to need to want a high performance discreet graphics card; it prolly won't matter to you.
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